About EBF

EARTH BRIGADE FOUNDATION (EBF) is an NGO established in 2017 by two dental surgeons, Dr. Sarita Subramaniam (BDS) and Dr. P.V.Subramaniam (MDS, Periodontist). They have been practicing in Mumbai, India, for more than 25 years.

On account of their passion for wildlife, they have traversed the length and breadth of the country over the last two decades. This has given them many opportunities to understand the challenges facing wildlife, marginalized communities around forests, underprivileged women, as well as stray animals. Over the last two decades, they have contributed at a personal level to address some of these issues. However, they realized that efforts on a much larger scale are needed to make a serious difference, which led to the formation of their not-for-profit Earth Brigade Foundation.

Earth Brigade Foundation (EBF) now works towards three clearly defined objectives:

The first objective (Green Brigade) focuses on bringing direct benefits to wildlife in India, such as improvement to their habitat, their food and water needs, and for harmonious resolution of man-animal conflicts. The Green Brigade also focuses on fulfilling needs of communities living in remote areas around forests, whose wellbeing will positively affect the health of the natural landscape around them. Under this initiative, their Project Aquarius has donated and installed solar-operated water pumps for providing drinking water to wildlife in the arid forests of Bandipur in Karnataka, Kanha National Park & Pench Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh, and the Brahmapuri Divisional Forest in Maharshtra. EBF has also donated solar lamps, umbrellas, monthly rations, etc. to forest-dependent communities.

The second objective (Pink Brigade) works for the benefit of underprivileged women in India, especially those living in remote areas, or in shelters/ rescue homes/ hospices, etc. One of the specific needs of such women which the Pink Brigade addresses is the subject of menstrual hygiene, by providing the women with sanitary napkins, and educating them on their use. More than one thousand women have been provided with their six-monthly supply till date, and many more are being identified for forthcoming programmes.

The third objective (Street Brigade) focuses on the welfare of street animals, with particular attention to their medical treatment, and their sterilisation and vaccination. EBF arranges for this care, as well as supports animal welfare organisations and field workers to enable this cause.