Pink Brigade

Pink Brigade works for the benefit of underprivileged women in India, especially those living in remote areas, or in shelters/ rescue homes/ hospices, etc. One of the specific needs of such women which the Pink Brigade addresses is the subject of menstrual hygiene, by providing the women with sanitary napkins, and educating them on their use.

Underprivileged and impoverished tribal women don’t prioritize their menstrual health. Pink Brigade’s efforts are to help these women be more healthy and safe during their monthly cycle.

Distribution of the sanitary napkins to the Gond and Baiga tribal women – 4 women naturalists with the Forest department in Mukki zone were entrusted with educating the women about menstrual health and the distribution of the sanitary napkins for 6 months.
Pink Brigade provided over 400 tribal women in and around Kisli and Mukki zones their 6 monthly supply of sanitary napkins.

50 women and young girls were provided their six monthly supply of sanitary napkins in Ringora village in the outskirts of Corbett National Park.

Adivasi women and young girls in villages inside Aarey Colony in Mumbai don’t have access to hygienic menstrual health practices. Pink Brigade has provided 200 women their 6 monthly supply of sanitary napkins.

When inmates (mostly women) of a local home for the mentally-challenged needed adult diapers urgently, we provided them 100 packets for their 6-monthly needs.

Pink Brigade’s hosted an event to promote the revival of the traditional Goan Kunbi saree. The proceeds from the Kunbi saree donors were given to a stray animal charity NGO, In Defense of Animals, and to the Kunbi community leadership in Goa. With this one event, Pink Brigade helped traditional weavers, a tribal community, and street animals.

Inspired by this, Pink Brigade has also run a programme of supporting traditional handloom saree weavers by providing them grants to sustain their craft. Our donors get an opportunity to acquire unique handloom sarees with low ecological footprint, even as their patronage provides support to weavers, while providing us funds for the sanitary napkin project.