8 Ways To Help Street Animals During Diwali

While Diwali is a joyous festival for most people, ripe with merriment and celebrations, it can be an extremely stressful time for pets and street animals. From being afraid of crackers to getting lost, most animals who dwell in our homes and on our streets need compassion and care during this period to ensure their safety and happiness.

Provide Water Bowls

Dehydration is a common response to stress among most animals. Fluid loss can make them experience reduced oxygen delivery throughout the body, irregular bowel movements, and more. Leaving out bowls of water for street animals in your neighbourhood will help them easily find water and quench their thirst, helping them calm down and reduce their fear of noisy celebrations.

Ditch The Crackers

Animals have an acute sense of hearing, making the sound of firecrackers stressful for most. Fear, trembling, shivering, excessive barking, loss of appetite and aggressiveness are a few signs that the animals in your area may be upset by the bursting of crackers. The thick smoke generated by firecrackers can affect the respiratory tract of both adults and young children. It is essential is raise awareness among your neighbours and children about why crackers are not necessary to have fun celebrations. 

Buy Chemical-Free Rangoli Colours

While rangoli is an important part of Diwali, the colours sold on a large scale generally contain chemicals like mercury, lead and bromides which are harmful to the health of people and animals. Even colours marketed as non-toxic or herbal can cause nasal irritation, respiratory allergies, or infections in animals. If you enjoy creating rangoli designs, it’s best to place them away from areas around your house that are frequented by animals.

Spend Time With Your Community Animals

A familiar presence can be an anchor of security to community animals looking for comfort in the face of noise and stress. If you’re a regular feeder, spend some extra time with the community animals in your area. A friendly face can help them feel safer and more relaxed, especially when accompanied by food and water!

Keep An Eye Out For Lost Animals

Loud festivities are a major cause of street animals running out of their own territories in fear. Hundreds of pets also go missing in this period. Stay alert and make note of any new animals you see in your neighbourhood. Check for a collar or any identification tags and get in touch with your local shelter to help locate the dog’s family.

Offer Shelter

The importance of a quiet sanctuary away from noise shouldn’t be underestimated when it comes to keeping community animals secure and content during celebrations in your neighbourhood. If you have a garden, garage or space under your staircase, you can provide street animals with a safe space to take shelter from the noise and bright lights. Ensure that they are kept snug, warm and secure with old blankets, water and food.

Conduct Cleanup Drives

Community animals may tend to chew on or swallow waste left on the streets, be it bits of paper, plastic, pieces of wood or strings. This is especially dangerous when there are remains of firecrackers littering the streets. Make it a point to take a stroll around your neighbourhood and clean up used cracker scraps and other harmful materials that may be littered around.

Donate, Sponsor, Volunteer

The festival of lights is also the season of giving back, and what better way than helping your community animals live better lives? There are a number of ways to do your bit for streeties, from donating food to your local animals shelter and sponsoring medical aid to lending a hand in rescue work and volunteering.