As 2023 draws to an end and the excitement of New Year’s Eve looms ever closer, it’s also important to spare a few thoughts for the community animals whom we share our streets with. While the festivities can be a source of joy, the bright lights and sounds of firecrackers cause anxiety and distress in street animals. Let’s take a quick look at how we can celebrate with compassion:

Say NO To Fireworks

It’s still as hard as ever to escape the boom of fireworks in India’s vibrant celebrations, despite the Supreme Court’s ban on firecrackers across the country. Aside from being a major health hazard, the loud noises and bright lights are terrifying for most animals. Keep your celebrations cracker-free and spread awareness about the ill effects of firecrackers in your neighbourhood as well.

Give Them Safe Spaces

A safe space can mean a lot to a streetie in search of respite from the noise and lights of the festivities and crowds. If you live in an animal-friendly apartment complex or have your own house, consider placing old blankets with cardboard boxes to create shelters underneath accessible staircases or in a corner of your garden. Providing a sense of security will go a long way in calming their nerves.

Comfort Food

During the festive season, leftover food is sure to be in abundance. Get into the spirit of giving and initiate a collaborative effort – get in touch with friends, family, neighbours and restaurants to collect their leftovers to feed community animals in your area. Place these in designated feeding spots around your apartment complex and in public areas away from people.

Invest In Reflective Collars

Expect an uptick in irresponsible driving as the revelry goes on through the night.

One way to keep street animals safe and visible at night is by using reflective collars. These also show that the animal has a regular caregiver who will follow up in case of any mishap.


Raise Awareness & Educate People

Social media platforms and local community forums are excellent in spreading awareness about the impact of NYE celebrations on street animals. Share tips on how others can contribute to a more animal-friendly festive season. After all, a compassionate community benefits ALL beings, human and non-human.

Contacts, Contacts, Contacts

Don’t ignore the likelihood of unforeseen circumstances – it’s always useful to keep contacts of local animal rescue services and veterinarians handy. If you come across an injured or distressed animal, you’ll be able to act promptly and seek professional assistance.

Donate, Sponsor, Volunteer

One of the best ways to help your local street animals all year round is to get yourself involved with animal shelters and individual rescuers. From donating food and sponsoring medical aid to lending a hand in rescue work and volunteering, there are a lot of ways to contribute to the welfare of our community animals.


This New Year’s Eve, let’s ensure the safety and happiness of our street-dwelling community animals. A sense of community responsibility makes a significant difference in their lives. Let the spirit of the season be one of compassion, kindness, and consideration for all creatures, big and small.