We Are The Stakeholders Of Our Own Planet.

The Earth Brigade Foundation works for wildlife conservation in India, street animal welfare and the empowerment of underprivileged women in rural areas.
Through our work on the ground, we understand the challenges facing wildlife, marginalized communities around forests, and the plight of stray animals in urban areas.  We strive to amplify our efforts on a much larger scale to truly make an impact that matters. 

Every Person Has An Impact.

Join The Earth Brigade And Make A Difference.

We must consider wildlife to be our national treasure, and our forest staff as the custodians. Visit wildlife areas to feel the connection with nature. Be vigilant and report any sign of wildlife crimes, so that quick action can be taken. Keep your lives as eco-friendly as possible, and minimise your carbon footprint.
- Dr Sarita Subramaniam

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6 Ways Climate Change Affects Tigers

6 Ways Climate Change Affects Tigers

6 WAYS CLIMATE CHANGE AFFECTS TIGERSOver the last century, tigers have been under the threat of several human causes of endangerment, including poaching, habitat encroachment and deforestation. But in addition to these, the current trend of unchecked climate change...

How To Help Street Animals In Summer

How To Help Street Animals In Summer

HOW TO HELP STREET ANIMALS IN SUMMERWith the climate crisis already upon us, summers are hotter than ever, even projected to worsen in coming years, according to the 2022 IPCC Report. Exposure to extreme heat puts humans, community animals and wildlife at risk of...

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